awardPhone Logic can assist you with the implementation of your own in-house telemarketing staff, be it one person or ten!
If you are not in a position to outsource your lead generation and you have a spare desk, let Phone Logic find the perfect candidate for your business. Phone Logic can take care of the whole process from advertising, CV sorting and final recommendation for interviews.
During the past two years, we have helped create some great in house telemarketing teams. We continue to assist with ongoing call centre training to ensure they continue to achieve the results our client’s desire!
We also offer other services apart from call centre training and recruitment.

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We needed to hire an in-house telemarketer but didn’t know where to start. We contacted Phone Logic and it was a very smart move. They helped us put together a recruitment advertisement which attracted a great response. They did the first screening for us and provided us with a short list of very good candidates. They helped us develop questions to ask and competencies to look for when interviewing the short listed candidates. Phone Logic then provided telemarketing coaching to the successful candidate. Phone Logic provided excellent client service all the way. With their guidance we got an excellent person through a very time and cost effective and efficient process.
Nick Sceats

After a few mediocre attempts at telesales in-house we contracted Phone Logic to run a telemarketing campaign for us. The results were remarkable compared to our own efforts; the team of telephonists came back to us with intelligent questions, responses, updates, leads and suggestions on script changes. Because of the rapid communication and reporting we were able to adapt our script “on the go” which improved results dramatically.

Based on the success of this campaign we then commissioned Phone Logic to help us recruit our own telesales positions. Phone Logic helped us right from the first steps with the ad copy, screened the applicants when they called in, conducted the interviews with us and then recommended the best candidates. 18 months later the results are still evident, our sales personnel are absolute stars!

The service didn’t stop there; the Phone Logic team were instrumental in training our new employees and giving general and one-to-one training and profiling of our customer service and sales staff.

If you are looking for a company who can deliver results, communicate effectively and give you service with a smile then we recommend you talk with the team at Phone Logic.
Wendy Ambury
Business Development Manager
AutoBase Ltd